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A Global Team that Supports the Kingdom Marketplace Vision of Dr. Rollan Roberts. 
Welcome from Dr. Kennedy Waningu
Leader & Visionary behind The Global Legacy Team
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I have been called by God to stand beside Dr. Rollan Roberts in the pursuit and obedience of God's calling on his life to the business community.  With God's help, I am building a Legacy Team in every city and every nation around the world to support and build the vision of Dr. Rollan Roberts' calling and anointing of restoring God in the global marketplace.  


Our teams voluntarily stand for the vision to raise up Kingdom entrepreneurs and Kingdom businesses all over the world. Our desire is to see that Christ has a stake in businesses in every city.  Dr. Rollan Roberts needs a people to stand by his side on every continent, like Aaron and Hur who stood by Moses side for the Israelites to keep winning the battle.  Business people will win the marketplace battles as we stand with God’s servant. The Global Legacy Team allows Dr. Roberts to fulfill whatever the Lord lays on his heart in every city and nation.

"God received the boot from companies and the marketplace at large, and it’s past time the men and women business people of this great country rise up and take back the world of commerce for God!”   - Dr. Rollan Roberts

I have personally started today to act on God’s Instruction on my life to see to it that this vision comes to pass globally!  We will entirely depend on the Holy Spirit to bring the right team together in every city, and nation. This will allow Dr. Rollan Roberts II to go to every corner of the world raising up Kingdompreneurs with your support of prayer. I need a team that prays for God’s protection, power, favor, and blessing over his legacy calling of God in the marketplace. 

I take this opportunity to welcome all of you into all of you into this noble cause for Christ's sake!  I'm humbled to do this voluntarily.  Let's join hands and hearts together in the same Spirit.

dr. kennedy waningu

nairobi, kenya

Why Partner with Global Legacy Team

Your fervent prayer and financial support is the ONLY way this is possible.

The Fields are White unto Harvest in the Marketplace.  This is the age of the Entrepreneur, and God has unique positioned Dr. Roberts to reach the Global Marketplace for Christ.

Reach Millions of Kingdom Business People Globally through Courageous! Entrepreneur TV & Radio

Dr. Roberts is saving drowning lives and businesses for eternity in every corner of the world.

A Word from some Legacy Partners


Lynn Benway

Senior Executive

I have been supporting the ministry of Dr. Roberts for years, and words cannot express how thankful I am for the Kingdom impact he's having around the world.


Dr. Ben Rall

Personal Physician

There is a clear calling and anointing from God on Dr. Rollan's life, and there is no doubt I have been called to minister to him.


Gene Fedele

Chief Creative Officer

Having served at the highest levels of a $6 billion company, God has led me from focusing on success to focusing on significance.  God has led me to wholeheartedly support the worldwide ministry of Dr. Rollan Roberts.

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About Dr. Rollan Roberts II

An advisor to world governments and nominated to the Civilian Task Force for Central Command and the Department of Defense, Dr. Rollan Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Courageous! and America's CEO on iHeartRadio.  He has led several global, high growth public and privately-held companies (including serving as CEO of the Hoverboard company – the single hottest global consumer product of 2015) and has a record of creating viral global brands and the fastest growing companies in America as CEO of both public and private SMB to multi-billion dollar companies. Dr. Roberts provides entrepreneurship programs & events around the world and serves on corporate advisory boards. 


Dr. Roberts has been a featured Keynote Speaker at Harvard University, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, China’s government and business leaders in Tiananmen Square at the Great Hall of the People (China’s Congress), an advisor to the Top 20 Startup companies in the world (in Menorca, Spain), Commencement Address speaker, Adjunct Professor, and hosts Entrepreneur Workshops for universities, schools, and economically-challenged communities.


In addition to being a private pilot, he hosts Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio, a weekly, 1-hour, call-in business radio show on iHeartMedia, the largest radio and television outlet in America who reaches a quarter of a billion listeners monthly, holds a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship, author of 4 best-selling international books on business and entrepreneurship, was a state Senate candidate in 2012, provides counsel to governments and corporations, and continues to educate and inspire leaders and entrepreneurs through CEO Huddles and hosting the semi-annual CEO Cruise.