They say it's a life sentence.

we disagree.


Courageous! is a rugged, faith-based approach combined with the most advanced human programming used by Olympic athletes and high achievers to address the #1 Productivity Killer in business - depression and anxiety.

Our protocol is designed to address the spiritual and physical roots of depression and anxiety and tangibly alter the environment, associations, and philosophies responsible for the perpetuation of anxiety.

This frees up our friends to love like they never have before, accept love that they never could accept before, perform at levels they knew they could, and share their true selves with the world.

We have seen relationships restored, marriages resurrected, business productivity instantly and dramatically improved, and happiness, joy, and peace restored.  If you're sinking and drowning, reach for the Courageous! life preserver.  


Depending on the level of service you select, protocol may include the following:

  • Initial Consultation​

  • One 2-3 Hour Starter Skype Session

  • Two 2-Hour Skype Sessions Weekly​

  • Daily Structured Mental Exercises

  • Ongoing Text/Phone Support

  • On-site Equine Therapy​

  • 3-Day Immersion Retreat Experience 


Benefits of addressing depression and anxiety may include the following:

  • Reduced Fatigue

  • Increased Energy

  • Replace Workplace Burnout

  • Manage Insomnia

  • Increased Ability to Focus

  • Improved Physical Performance

  • Closer Relationship with your Creator

  • Improved Personal & Professional Relationships